Claire's study introduced her to American minimalism, which the new Album 'A Different Kind of Strong is based upon. This style of music layers short, simple melodies to create complexity and texture. These melodies are often expanded a note a time to create longer motifs. A constant pulse can also be present. Many of these elements are stunningly combined in her intriguing new album.


Being surrounded by a diversity of music as a child laid the foundations of Claire's eclectic style; indie pop/rock strongly influenced by her classical background and sprinkled with liatin infusions. Anxiety ridden in early adulthood, music brought Claire "back from the edge" of a nasty big cliff; song writing became a way of dealing with life's big issues. From way back, music expressed the unexpressed. This is her wish for you; to find healing, solace and a kindred spirit in her songs.

Claire's obtained first class Honours, completed at  Elder Conservatorium, Adelaide University, 2020.