Imagine peeling grapes with Regina Spektor while Muse and Radiohead vie for attention. No grapes? Never mind, play Nothing to Undo and feast your ears instead. Clichés run scared in the presence of these soulful lyrics and melodies soar with her haunting voice.

Being surrounded by a diversity of music as a child laid the foundations of Claire's eclectic style; indie rock sprinkled with classical infusions. Anxiety ridden in early adulthood, music brought Claire "back from the edge" of a nasty big cliff; song writing became a way of dealing with life's big issues. From way back, music expressed the unexpressed. This is her wish for you; to find healing, solace and a kindred spirit in her songs.

Having previously released album "Kiss This Thing Goodbye", Claire is due to complete her Bachelor of Music Degree at Elder Conservatorium mid 2019.