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Growing up

I remember vividly one day as a 5 year old being out in the garden with mum. She asked me which instruments I would like to learn. I replied I didn't want to learn any. " Right then, you can learn violin and piano". And that was that. For the next 10 years I learned classical music. After several years, in an attempt to get out of playing one instrument I went to mum and said I didn't like the violin. "OK" she said, "flute then". Great.

Ever since I have gone back to music as an adult I have been extremely grateful for that musical upbringing I had as a child.

I started singing in about 2000. Having gained some confidence as an adult, I decided I didn't want to get to the end of my life and wonder what might have been had I tried. I had always like singing as a child and adolescent, but was terrified to do so in case someone heard me. That took a lot of getting over! Songwriting started about 5 years ago out of a passion for music and singing, but also as a catharsis for life's issues.

The Story of "Kiss This Thing Goodbye"

This album started out as an experiment, a learning experience. I had written some lyrics, given them a melody and supported them with some chord progressions, but I couldn't 'hear' what other instruments would do. So I went to a studio to see what would happen. Huge learning curve! After about the 5th song I realised they actually sounded good. Great even! This CD is the result.

When my step-sister first heard my songs she said she felt like she was reading my diary, and shouldn't be. Like eavesdropping on a private, soul-searching conversation. The songs are intensely emotional with a twist of mischief.